In search of the perfect partial plot

In this post, I show how I created a customized partial dependence (PD) plot function with the help of {ggplot2} and the {edarf} package, thus ending my long search for the perfect Random Forests PD plot in R.

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Visualizing Locke and Mill: a tidytext analysis

In this post, I perform a text mining analysis of two important works in political philosophy on the topic of individual liberty. I use the {tidytext} package, together with {ggplot2}, to visualize and compare word usage by John Locke and John Stuart Mill.

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Oh hai, my first post

Hi. My name is Seth, and this is my new blog. I plan to use this blog to noodle around with the statistical programming language R, hopefully in fun and interesting ways, to continue to hone my programming and data analysis skills.

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